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Data Strategy

Our populations health and care data is critical to the continuity of their well being however our digital presentation and management of health and care data is by industry standards far behind the curve.  We need to change how we view the importance of data in the delivery of health and care to evove the way in which we collect use and share information within Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSC).

Our direction of travel:

We have started a journey towards central data and analytics solutions for the improvement of public health.  While encompass will do a great to aid in the centralisation of data, there a many other digital/data systems that can add significant value.

For example, in service planning or improvement, understanding staffing levels is critical -requiring integration with Human Resource systems.  Furthermore, cost/impact analysis of any new  service or improvement will require integration of finance systems.  all of this information must be used together – linking together datasets from internal and external sources to add value to analysis – with high quality data improving the model and the accuracy of any outcome measure.

With this in mind as critical to our data journey, our strategy describes our ambitious plans to make data more accessible, interoperable and usable in Northern Ireland.

How we have developed the Data Strategy

The Data Strategy has been developed in collaboration with stakeholders from across HSC ecosystems, as well as through engagement with our people and population  It is intended for all of those involved in the delivery of health and social care services as ell as those that support and work with HSC.

The Data strategy outlines the vision, mission and objectives for data and information across Health and Social Care Northern Ireland until 2030, to be reviewed in 2027 at the 5 year mark.

Download the Data Strategy to read in full.

The Data Strategy

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The Data Strategy

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Page last updated: 29 June 2023