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About DHCNI Data

The Data Institute within DHCNI (Digital Health and Care NI) are responsible for Coding & Standards, Analytics & Insight and Northern Ireland Trusted Research Environment (NITRE).  This includes the development of new definitions, system technical guidance, coding standards, governance, development of dashboards, and provision of datasets to aid research to help deliver more regionally standardised information to support more streamlined, efficient and less labour-intensive flows of information for the HSC.

Working closely with stakeholders both internal and external to HSC to understand the data, support improvements to the data and ultimately to make HSC a data and insight driven organisation that improves people’s lives through the use of data.

Functions of the Data Institute

Coding & Standards

The Coding & Standards team provide a range of services to HSCNI; including Query Helpdesk, Training and Data Dictionary with a view to improve the definition, collection and reporting of timely, accurate and consistent data and and to support the clinical coding profession in Northern Ireland.

Coding & Standards

Information Governance

Information Governance (IG) ensures we manage our information correctly, in line with best practice, legal requirements and the public’s expectations.  Information Governance will help us to ensure that service user privacy and confidentiality are protected, whilst realising the value of our information for the benefit of Health and Social Care in NI.

Analytics & Insight

Seeking and providing insights that dig deeper, explain more and are relevant and meaningful to our people.  The HSCNI will provide data and analytics services in house, and support other organisations to upskill their data capabilities through frameworks, capability matrices, recruitment, and training.

Analytics & Insight


Health and Social Care data should always be kept safely and securely, with access controlled through a transparent system of approvals which met best practice and standards.  The Northern Ireland Trusted Research Environment (NITRE) focuses on development of data and connectivity infrastructure to enable collaborative data research and evaluation to improve our insights into health and social care.

Contact the Data Institute

Contact the data institute via the email address below and a member of the team will be in touch:

Page last updated: 15 May 2024