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Our Responsibilities

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DHCNI sets out to develop the vision and strategy for Digital Transformation in Health and Social Care, to direct and oversee the central budget for Digital investments and work in partnership with, and commission projects and services from, the Business Services Organisation.

DHCNI also aims to bring together the digital functions across the six HSC Trusts:

  • collaborate to develop a region wide strategy;
  • build an integrated and collaborative leadership and governance function;
  • facilitate shared decision making;
  • set policies and standards for IT and Information across Health and Social Care; and
  • provide services and support where relevant.

In order to carry out these functions DHCNI has a number of key capability areas.

Digital health and care data

DHCNI Data is comprised of Analytics (including Multi-Disciplinary Team Data Analysts), Regional Clinical Coding and Information Standards.  These teams have evolved and grown over the last number of years bringing together significant expertise in their fields of work.

The overall aim is to promote importance of standards, coding and basic data literacy.  The staff participate both at regional/UK level providing expertise in their respective areas.  This work is integral to the Information Standards Group which is the regional body for the approval of all information standards.

Digital health and care data

Innovation and digital eco system

Digital underpins all types of innovations today (either as a part of the innovation itself, or at least as an enabler to overcome the challenges in getting the data needed to drive the innovation process (Baselines, measures of impact etc)).

There is a wider digital eco-system comprising of academia, industry, charities, independent sector and other government bodies that we want to engage with so as to maximise potential and opportunities for collaboration and partnership working.

Our vision is to position HSC as a place that excels at encouraging and harnessing digital innovation in order to improve the delivery of services and the health & wellbeing of the population of Northern Ireland.

Our digital ecosystem

Enterprise architecture

In a time where Health and Social Care services need to be fast, responsive, effective and efficient we need to consider the best use of innovative technologies to push the boundaries of digital care for better, faster outcomes for patients and service users and this is where Enterprise Architecture can help as Enterprise Architecture provides a proactive and holistic approach to support the enterprise through transformation and optimisation initiatives. It acts as a concentrated central point of understanding and insight of how the business as whole and IT works today, and how it will look and feel in the future.

Programme delivery

The digital transformation of HSC is built around key priority programmes and supporting initiatives which will be delivered over the next 4 – 5 years. They will allow us to improve how we operate as an organisation and support our staff to work more flexibly




Portfolio management

We have established an Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO) to oversee the successful delivery of our digital portfolio and manage risks, issues, dependencies and benefits.  Our EPMO shares learning and provides good practice guidance and advice to teams delivering digital programmes and projects.

Page last updated: 7 September 2023