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The encompass Programme is a HSC-wide initiative that will by using the latest technology introduce a digital integrated care record to Northern Ireland. This will support the HSCNI vision to transform health and social care in order to improve patient safety and health outcomes. The encompass Programme will help HSCNI to work more effectively and efficiently through regional standardisation and best practice and will create better experiences for those receiving, using and delivering services.

HSCNI currently uses lots of different systems which cannot easily, or just can’t, communicate with each other. Many of them are old and need to be replaced. This gives us an opportunity, rather than continuing to rely on paper records and replacing outdated technology system by system, to better use the investment needed in ICT to transform the way we care for people in Northern Ireland.

Following successful contract award in May 2020, the encompass team are engaging and working closely with Epic, our chosen supplier, on key pre-implementation and planning activities to put us in the best position to move forward. To find out more about Epic, click here.

doctor explaining something to a team of trainees

Health and Social Care - encompass

This short video animation highlights how a new single digital record will benefit Health and Social Care (HSC) staff and patients.

Our Values, Behaviours and Principles

We are proud to be a part of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland and we share the core values that bind HSCNI together as a service. Click on the link below to learn more about what these values mean to us and the key principles that guide the work we do.

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encompass timeline

To see what we plan to deliver and when this will happen, click on the link below.

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Careers at encompass

Working on the encompass Programme will give people the chance to be involved in a once in a lifetime opportunity to revolutionise Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. Click on the link below to see what vacancies there are and to find out how you can apply.

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How will the data be used?

We are working very hard to ensure that the information we collect through encompass is relevant, appropriate, secure and meets all required legislation and standards. Click on the link below to find out more.

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Page last updated: 18 October 2022