Belfast Health and Social Care Trust embraces a digital future

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On Thursday 6 June 2024, Belfast Trust will become the largest Trust in Northern Ireland to implement encompass – the new digital health and care system.

Having supported South Eastern Trust in the successful implementation and roll out of encompass in November 2023, Belfast Trust wi

ll wave goodbye to paper records and begin the journey towards digital health and social care services in 2024.

encompass is a clinically and operationally led programme that will give every person in Northern Ireland their own health and social care record. The introduction of this new system will place health and social care in Northern Ireland at the forefront of the digital transformation of health service delivery.

It will provide real-time, up to date information to all those involved in delivering care, empowering them to make more effective, patient-centred decisions.

The Chief Executive of the Belfast Trust, Dr Cathy Jack said:


“I am excited to see how the introduction of encompass, with the new patient portal, will positively change the working lives of our staff and the care given to our community.”


Department of Health Permanent Secretary Peter May said: “The introduction of encompass is transformational in how health and social care will be delivered across Northern Ireland.

“The roll out to Belfast Health and Social Care Trust marks a significant next step in its implementation, which will take place on a phased basis across all Trusts. I commend healthcare staff for their continued commitment to adopting encompass. I am confident that the ability to access patient information digitally will benefit both the Health and Social Care system and individual service users.”

Page last updated: 8 December 2023