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encompass values and principles

encompass is a digital Health and Social Care programme that will create a unified health record for every person in Northern Ireland who receives care.

encompass will simplify patient and service user journeys and connect information across services. We are proud to be part of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland and we share their core values.

Compassion & Reflection

We are a self-aware team, taking ownership of our actions whilst being open to learning, sharing and giving and receiving honest constructive feedback.

Collaboration & Contribution

We are committed to encourage, empower and enable an environment of collaboration, involvement, development and shared learning.

Fairness & Transparency

We are open, honest and fair and seek to acknowledge and learn from any challenges, issues and mistakes.

Excellence & Commitment

We put Health and Social Care service users at the heart of everything we do and deliver world class, quality products, through our commitment, enthusiasm and team work.

Our Principles are:

We will put patients and service users first

Patients, service users, and carers are our first priority, and their needs will guide our decisions. In all our actions, our primary focus will be to improve patient care.

We are all accountable for the success of encompass

We are committed to one another’s success. All staff are accountable and responsible for driving encompass’ success. We encourage input, feedback, and participation from every member of our Health and Social Care community.

We will work together to standardise

Standardisation impacts the care we deliver. It increases efficiency, quality, and safety. We will provide high quality, coordinated care, no matter where patients or service users receive care.

We will adopt the model system

We will rely on the expertise of Epic and peer institutions that have gone before us, learning from their experiences and implemented global best practices. We will innovate where necessary, but our intention is to act in the best interests of the system as a whole.

Seamless Health and Social Care is a top priority

We will rely on the expertise of Epic and similar organisations that have gone before us, learning from their experiences, and implementing global best practices.

Page last updated: 20 September 2023