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My Care

My Care allows you to access your medical record via a website or mobile device app.

My Care gives you greater control over your healthcare by providing you with personalised and secure online access to specific parts of your medical records.

Through My Care you can access information like your medications, appointments and some test results.

It is free to use, and it is optional. You can continue interacting with healthcare services via traditional methods – letters, phone calls, etc.

For information to be accessible to a patient it must first be inputted into the encompass system.

SEHSCT will be the first Trust to start using the encompass system in November 23. Members of the public interacting with SEHSCT services will be able to access information on their patient record.

Patients accessing services in other Trusts will not have information available on My Care until that Trust begins using encompass.

Accessing My Care

You will need to have an active nidirect account to access to My Care.

To create a nidirect account please visit –

If you already have a nidirect account you can visit the My Care page here.

For further FAQs about My Care please click here.

A guide to ‘How to log-in to My Care is available here

Important information

My Care will not hold historical medical information dating before November 23.

Information on General Practice interactions will not be available via My Care.

My Care is an evolving system. It will change and develop based on patient experience and improving technology.

Privacy Notice

For information on why we need your personal data, what personal information is collected, how that information is collected, stored and used, please read the encompass privacy notice.

Download below:

encompass Privacy Notice (My Care)

Word doc: 88.78 KB Download document

How to log-in to My Care

PDF: 140.61 KB Download document

Easy Read Document - My Care

PDF: 1.09 MB Download document

Page last updated: 20 February 2024